• TB Wood, Harm de Beijer, offers you extensive support so you can advise your customers on the best choice of wood-based panels, allowing your customer to build their new project or renovation-job to their satisfaction.



Wood-based panels are an important material in structural building. The application of this material is very diverse. Panel products are used more and more; constructively (visible or hidden application of the panels) as well as decoratively. When applying wood-based panels, the big question will always be which type of panel should be used? Incorrectly applied panels can create large problems, both constructively as well as aesthetically. The right advise on the best choice of panels is an important factor for completing a construction project successfully.

TB Wood, Harm de Beijer, offers you full support so you can advise your customers on the best wood-based panels for their project, allowing your customer to build their new project or renovation-job to their satisfaction. TB Wood is the exclusive Benelux agent for well-renowned producers such as:

  • Groupe-Thebault, plywood manufacturer of Pin Maritime French pine plywood, LVL and Okoume plywood.
  • Bonzano, Derula-poplar plywood, I-pan OSB, IBL blockboard and decorative panels.
  • Finnish Fiberboard Benelux, producer of Hardboard fibreboards, under the strong brand name Lionboard. Producer of Lion Hardboard, Oil-Tempered board, Lion furniture painted board, Lion HD high density board and lion perforated board.

The knowledge about and the quality of these products represented by TB Wood will provide you the right balance between price and quality.


Harm de Beijer is the founder and driving force behind the business-agency TB Wood. He knows the panel and cladding market better than anyone and has a long-term experience in the field. TB Wood represents several panel and cladding producers exclusively, such as, Groupe Thebault, Bonzano and Finnish Fibreboard Benelux. Harm knows all ins and outs of the panel and cladding applications in the market and he can advise you on every aspect before choosing the right product.


TB Wood will always provide you with an honest and reliable advice. We are specialized in pine, okoume and poplar-plywood and in cladding and decking products. Our choice is to only work with the best products of well-renowned producers. This selective approach on the supply-side of the market enables us to deliver you the best quality.


The products supplied by TB Wood are used in e.g. Facsia-boards, rooftrims, outside ceilings, cladding, interior-and-furniture production, decor construction, public transport, concrete formwork, roofs, walls and floors, unit construction, stable construction, subfloors, stairs, packaging, tool boards, bed bases, tiny houses etc. For each of these applications we can answer your specific questions and supply the best material.


The wood species used in the high-quality products represented by TB Wood are pine (pin maritime), okoume, poplar and wood-and-ricehulls composite (WPC /NFC). All these materials come with either an FSC or PEFC certificate for durable forestry.


TB Wood is the exclusive Benelux agent for Groupe Thebault, Green Plank and Bonzano (Derula/IBL/I‑pan). These are producers of top-quality plywood, wood-based panels and WPC cladding and decking.


Nothing is more annoying than a late delivery of your order. TB Wood guarantees you and assures you that the confirmed delivery time is respected. So that you can fulfill your obligations to your customers as well.
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